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Rewards.com Begins Offering Cryptocurrency Rewards

Cryptocurrencies are slowly making inroads in various areas of finance. So far, there has been little to no progress in regards to loyalty schemes or bonus point offerings. Rewards.com is looking to shake things up by offering Dash support to its customers. As such, users can earn rewards for making retail purchases in the form of cryptocurrency.

Rewards.com’s co-founder and CEO, Todd Rowan, explained the company’s decision:

The remarkable aspect of this partnership is we are introducing people to cryptocurrency in a nonthreatening way. Let’s say you shop at Macy’s, Groupon, or Hotels.com – you can earn a portion of their total purchase in cryptocurrency. The program works just like any points program. You can keep your rewards in the ecosystem just like you would with any type of reward point or redeem it for products, travel, restaurants, or gift cards. The earnings from Rewards.com will help you to start to learn about how to use cryptocurrency, including trading it on the market for Bitcoin or [other] cryptocurrencies. Rewards.com takes us one step closer to global mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency.


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