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Was Ripple (XRP) Really Ineffective for Western Union?

Gepubliceerd op 8 juli 2018 00:01

In a recent announcement from the Western Union CEO, Ripple (XRP) trials didn’t prove to be cost saving as previously believed. The news came as a shock, considering Ripple (XRP) investors thought that Ripple was as effective as it was marketed.

As a response to the Western Union CEO announcement, Ripple CEO commented that 10 transactions by Western Union over a period of 6 months was not enough proof to show Ripple’s ineffectiveness.

What should Ripple (XRP) investors understand from this game of power? Only one thing: it’s time to buy Ripple (XRP), now that it’s cheap. It will grow exponentially as banks test to adopt it for cross-border payments. A Ripple coin would trade for more than $100.


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