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Ripple (XRP) Not Living Up To The Hype?

Gepubliceerd op 15 april 2018 00:17

Looking at Ripple (XRP) and all it has achieved, and is still achieving, is a cause to wonder why the digital asset is still not valued at double digits at the moment. Ripple set out to provide frictionless transfer of funds, which it has more than achieved through its xCurrent, xRapid and xVia. Some exciting news around Ripple has raised questions about Ripple’s future.

Santander Launches Ripple Payment App

The British bank, Santander, owned by the Spanish Santander Group yesterday launched its first ever mobile app for global payments using Ripple’s xCurrent technology. The app, One Pay FX is Santander’s solution to fast, simple and secured method of international money transfer.


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