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Lebanon hops on the crypto train

Gepubliceerd op 17 februari 2018 00:02

Antoine Yazbek and Zaki Soubra are budding Lebanese cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, and they radiate seriousness in their endeavor. As a journalist, one is inclined to consider an entrepreneur serious if they answer a series of probing interview questions without losing their temper at the intrepid—or sometimes just intractable—media type across the table. A more general measure of seriousness in business, especially in a new fintech startup, is if the enterprise is founded with personal money.



Yazbek and Soubra pass the test on both counts. They set aside over an hour to detail their value proposition and enterprise development plan to Executive, and last year, they invested their own money into their first cryptocurrency venture: a cryptocurrency mine­—a facility with serious computing power that is dedicated to the production of cryptocurrency coins in—of all places cold and far, Iceland.

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